Commodity Investment Ideas for 2023

Joe Mazumdar, mining analyst at, and I sat down for a conversation on what

2 Min Read

Are Uranium Fuel Buyers Panicking? | Resource Heads Ep. 50

In this episode of Resource Heads, Tom Luongo explained why he thinks the FED will

1 Min Read

Uranium Decouples, Molybdenum Soars | Resource Heads Ep. 49

The highlight of this week's Resource Heads is my conversation with Justin Huhn, the Uranium

3 Min Read

Lyn Alden’s 2023 Outlook on Commodities, Stagflation, Interest Rates, and More

In this recording, Lyn Alden joins Resource Talks for a conversation about commodities, inflation, interest

5 Min Read

Rick Rule Made a Mistake | Resource Heads Ep. 48

This week, I was joined by Rick Rule to talk about CPI, The World Bank's

1 Min Read

Lobo Tiggre’s 2023 Outlook on Commodities, Inflation, and the Economy

This is the first episode of my "2023 Outlook" series, in which I talk to

0 Min Read

Uranium Stocks Lost Me a Lot of Money: My Mistakes | Resource Heads Ep. 47

This is a very long rant on what mistakes I made in 2022, and how

5 Min Read

Fusion, Thorium, SMRs: The Future or the End for Uranium Investors?

In this conversation, I asked Malcolm Rawligson, a nuclear veteran with over 50 years of

4 Min Read

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