Menachem Sahler

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What Determines the Direction of the USD? (PART 3/3)

and using the USD in general, and I will discuss some qualitative ideas about my expectations for how money responds

21 Min Read

The USD is Not a Fiat Currency (PART 2/3)

Modern Money – Part II: Harvey Dentby Menachem Sahler (@UraniumFarmer) Does the government devalue your currency so that it always

18 Min Read

Who Really Creates Money? You Do! (PART 1/3)

by Menachem Sahler (@UraniumFarmer) Who really creates our "money"? Are central banks the evil entities they are made out to

12 Min Read

Make Money When Your Stocks Are Falling

Cash burning holes in your pockets? Tired of waiting for a crash to materialize? Itching to buy a million shares

14 Min Read

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