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Inflation Down, Jobless Claims on the Rise

US CPI came in at 7.7%, the expected number was 8.0%. Jobless claims came in at 225K, the expected number

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FED Hikes 0.75% and Promises More Hikes

To absolutely nobody's surprise, the FED went through with another "jumbo" - 0.75% - interest rate hike. By hiking interest

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Metals Higher on Weakening Dollar

The Federal Reserve (FED) is set to publish its decisions on interest rates tomorrow, on Wednesday. Meanwhile, precious metals and

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EU GDP & CPI Data Worse Than Expected

Today, the European Union announced the highest inflation numbers that its ever seen, coupled with slower GDP growth than expected.

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Commodities, Stocks Down Again as FED Hike Becomes More Likely, and Bad Earnings Scare Investors Off

The FED's preferred inflation gauge (the PCE - Personal Consumption Expenditure ) came in at 6.2% YoY on Friday, in-line

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Gold, Silver, Stocks Down As EU Hikes by 0.75%, US GDP Better Than Expected

The European Union announced this morning that it will increase its interest rates by 0.75%, as expected. The US Q3

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Uranium Gets a Front Row Seat in a Large Email Blast

The Daily Upside is a free news-in-a-nutshell newsletter focused on the business and finance world, that gets sent to over

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Biden Grants $2.8B For Battery Metals Production in the US

Presiden Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that 20 companies in 12 states will be receiving a total of $2.8B in

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Stocks Edge Higher as Core Retail Sales Come in Better Than Expected

All major US indices traded in the green during Friday's premarket, as news about core retail sales came in better

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Premarket Turns Red Because of Higher CPI

Risk-on investors are hoping for a lower-than-expected CPI print today, with worse-than-expected jobless numbers, as that would give them hope

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