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Important Week for Uranium | Resource Heads Ep. 51

I had one of my front teeth, and my dental bridge (covering the three front teeth) removed this Friday, so

2 Min Read

Sell Uranium ASAP, says Fund Manager | Resource Heads Ep. 34

Warren Irwin, a successful hedge fund manager went on Mining Stocks Education and said that he'll be selling uranium stocks

4 Min Read

Lobo Tiggre: “Uranium is the Most Undervalued” | Resource Heads Ep. 32

Was there something wrong with what the guests said? Did I fail to ask an important question? Did I make

5 Min Read

The Growing Uranium Supply Deficit | Resource Heads Ep. 29

This episode of "Resource Heads" is about the increasing uranium supply deficit, and the increasingly difficult situation in which the

5 Min Read

Uranium Contracting Speeds Up | Resource Heads Ep. 27

The markets went back to normal this week. That is to say, they went to running on bad news, and

9 Min Read

Uranium Boom Coming Soon, Says Cameco | Resource Heads Ep. 26

In the face of the FED raising interest rates by 75 basis points and dropping forward guidance, the US entering

16 Min Read

Buy Uranium Stocks or a House? | Resource Heads Ep. 25

As the European Central Bank surprised the market and raised interest rates for the first time in over a decade,

8 Min Read

When Will Uranium Decouple? | Resource Heads Ep. 24

Are we finally seeing some bullish news for uranium coming out of Japan? Uranium Insider says the news doesn't really

7 Min Read

Russian Uranium Ban is Here | Resource Heads Ep. 21

Canada imposes a ban on Russian uranium, gold and silver stocks are lagging gold and silver, copper might be headed

3 Min Read

Lobo Tiggre on Uranium, and Being a Profitable Speculator During the Worst Crash We’ve Ever Seen

On Wednesday, May 25, I sat down with Lobo Tiggre, aka Louis James, aka The Independent Speculator, aka an overall

5 Min Read

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