Uranium & oil reality check | Resource Heads Ep. 45

Oil is underperforming uranium on a YoY basis. Did someone - anyone?! - even think uranium could outperform anything? Well,

3 Min Read

Russian Oil Sanctions are Working … for Old Oil Tanker Prices

As Western tanker companies are not allowed to carry Russian oil, Dubai millionaires and billionaires are buying up old Aframax

0 Min Read

Oil Decoupled, Uranium to Follow? | Resource Heads Ep. 36

If I had to summarize the last trading week in a sentence, I would have to use the catchphrase Lobo

5 Min Read

The Worst Energy Crisis & How to Invest Around it with Brian Gitt

In this interview, Brian explained to me what is happening in the energy world, why we're in one of the

3 Min Read

Silver Knocking on the Door of $20, Oil $90 Again

Monday morning brought an interesting start to the week with Brent crude futures surging to almost $90/barrel, as OPEC+ considers

1 Min Read

China Buys More Oil From Russia Than Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia used to be the largest importer of oil for China.China's crude oil imports from Russia rose 55% in

2 Min Read

Offshore Drilling & 3 Oil Stocks to Watch

What happens in the oil sector has a direct influence on employment, housing prices, and the economic prospects for several

20 Min Read

Uranium, Shipping, Platinum & More with Andy Hoese

This is a video newsletter that gets published on this website every week. You can subscribe to email notifications for

5 Min Read

Geologist on How to Pick Exploration Companies

I had a discussion with Joanna Ponicka, an active oil geologist, who's heavily invested in uranium & oil explorers. Joanna

2 Min Read

Energy Commodities Still Underpriced

Fresh off making a record $4 billion profit in 2021 (per Reuters), analysts at Vitol, the world's largest energy trader, are

1 Min Read

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