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Kazatomprom Interview With Cory Kos, P. GEO

In this interview, I sat down with Cory Kos, P.Geo and investor relations advisor for Kazatomprom, the world's largest uranium

3 Min Read

Sell Uranium ASAP, says Fund Manager | Resource Heads Ep. 34

Warren Irwin, a successful hedge fund manager went on Mining Stocks Education and said that he'll be selling uranium stocks

4 Min Read

Uranium is in a Buble, says Journalist | Resource Heads Ep. 33

A Toronto Star journalist called uranium a "bubble", and I gave my opinion as to why I think he's wrong.

4 Min Read

Lobo Tiggre: “Uranium is the Most Undervalued” | Resource Heads Ep. 32

Was there something wrong with what the guests said? Did I fail to ask an important question? Did I make

5 Min Read

Don Durrett’s Monthly Recap (August 2022)

In summary, I think the near term has pain in store for gold and silver. However, after a FED pivot

19 Min Read

CPA Calls Uranium Stocks Overvalued, Sells 90% | Resource Heads Ep. 31

Last week was an overall bad week for almost every market including stocks, and commodities. Uranium, however, was still running

5 Min Read

Mining Maven Gwen Preston on How to Research Junior Mining Stocks

I sat down with Gwen Preston, newsletter writer, and ex-mining-journalist, on August 29, to talk about the current state of

4 Min Read

Condor Gold Stock Analysis by Don Durrett

This is a quick stock analysis of Condor Gold. This is a low-cost pre-producing company with a large gold asset

13 Min Read

Michael Burry Shocks Uranium Twitter | Resource Heads Ep. 30

Last week was a big week for uranium. Despite gold, silver and broad-market equities crashing at the end of the

5 Min Read

The Growing Uranium Supply Deficit | Resource Heads Ep. 29

This episode of "Resource Heads" is about the increasing uranium supply deficit, and the increasingly difficult situation in which the

5 Min Read

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