Uranium, Shipping, Platinum & More with Andy Hoese

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Rick Rule on Uranium & Platinum Stocks in 2022

I had the chance of speaking with Rick Rule on May 9, 2022. Rick Rule and I talked about what's

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Forget Uranium, Gold, & Silver; Millennials Have it Figured Out

This week I was joined by:- Steve Penny, the Silver Chartist- Collin Kettell, CEO of Nevada King- Dr. Quinton Hennigh

7 Min Read

This is How Important Platinum is

ZeroHedge writes: When on 7 March, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) suspended 6 Russian precious metals refiners from the London

1 Min Read

Uranium Crashes, Platinum is Cheap, Gold is Breaking Out, and Mineral Deposits Matter

In this week's "Resource Heads", Silver Chartist tells me what's going on with uranium, oil, gold, silver, and platinum, while

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Major Breakthrough for Hydrogen

Hydrogen has many benefits, but the electrolysis process for producing hydrogen is often said to be expensive and unsustainable.Platinum and

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Platinum is Cheap, I Might be Buying Soon

This is the first, of hopefully many, weekly show for this website. I did the first one by myself to

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Silver Chartist on Platinum, Uranium, and Silver in 2022

In this resource talk from January 31, I spoke to Steve Penny, also known as "SilverChartist" on Twitter, about what

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