Lyn Alden’s 2023 Outlook on Commodities, Stagflation, Interest Rates, and More

In this recording, Lyn Alden joins Resource Talks for a conversation about commodities, inflation, interest rates, the bond market, and

5 Min Read

Lobo Tiggre’s 2023 Outlook on Commodities, Inflation, and the Economy

This is the first episode of my "2023 Outlook" series, in which I talk to different people I know about

0 Min Read

Fusion, Thorium, SMRs: The Future or the End for Uranium Investors?

In this conversation, I asked Malcolm Rawligson, a nuclear veteran with over 50 years of experience working in the nuclear

4 Min Read

Swiss Fund Manager Talks Battery Metals, Uranium, Copper, and More

Battery metals have had an interesting 52 weeks. Lithium is up nearly 200% YoY, and nickel and graphite have moved

2 Min Read

Joe Mazumdar on How to Pick the Right Mining Stocks

Joe Mazumdar, mining analyst at Exploration Insights, and I sat down for a conversation on what he looks for when

4 Min Read

Lynette Zang Interview: FED Pivot, LiBOR, Bonds, and More

I sat down with Lynette Zang, on October 25, 2022, to discuss the current macro situation, as well as her

4 Min Read

FED Pivot or Dollar Crisis? Jeff Snider Talks

Jeff Snider, EuroDollar University founder and host, and I sat down for a conversation about the FED, interest rates, the

3 Min Read

The Worst Energy Crisis & How to Invest Around it with Brian Gitt

In this interview, Brian explained to me what is happening in the energy world, why we're in one of the

3 Min Read

Mining Maven Gwen Preston on How to Research Junior Mining Stocks

I sat down with Gwen Preston, newsletter writer, and ex-mining-journalist, on August 29, to talk about the current state of

4 Min Read

Rick Rule Talks About His Favorite Uranium Companies and His Outlook on Uranium

I sat down with Rick Rule, CEO of Rule Investment Media and life-long mining speculator, on August 5 to talk

4 Min Read

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