Commodity Investment Ideas for 2023

Joe Mazumdar, mining analyst at https://explorationinsights.com, and I sat down for a conversation on what the different commodities investment ideas

2 Min Read

Uranium, Copper, Silver Crash Despite Good News

Same old, same old. Continually good news for uranium, copper, and silver gets ignored by the market as the metals

4 Min Read

UK’s New Prime Minister is Rishi Sunak From the Conservative Party

The 42-year-old came in 2nd behind Truss in the last run, seven weeks ago.

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Premarket Turns Red Because of Higher CPI

Risk-on investors are hoping for a lower-than-expected CPI print today, with worse-than-expected jobless numbers, as that would give them hope

1 Min Read

Europeans Vote for Russian Uranium Ban

513 Members of the European Parliament voted for “an immediate full embargo on Russian imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel,

2 Min Read

Uranium in Mainstream Media Again

Financial Times wrote an article about the surging uranium prices, which are now at higher levels than what we saw

1 Min Read

Betting on Gold Through Real Estate – Nevada King

Nevada King is an explorer focused on the Battle Mountain Trend, Nevada. They're Nevada’s 3rd largest active claim holder with a

3 Min Read

FireFox Gold (FFOX) – CEO Interview with Carl Löfberg & Patrick Highsmith

FireFox Gold is a paying customer of ResourceTalks.com. They pay $12,000 per year to have this profile made and kept

5 Min Read

Kuya Silver Corp. (TSXV: KUYA; OTC: KUYAF)

Disclaimer: Kuya Silver Corp is a paying customer of ResourceTalks.com. They pay $5,000 per quarter to have this profile made

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