German Democrat Finance Minister Calls to Restart 2 More Nuclear Power Plants

Christian Lindner went on Twitter this Wednesday morning and said that "For the time of the crisis we (Germany) should

1 Min Read

The Worst Energy Crisis & How to Invest Around it with Brian Gitt

In this interview, Brian explained to me what is happening in the energy world, why we're in one of the

3 Min Read

Cameco Sends the Uranium Sector an Important Signal | Resource Heads Ep. 35

As the US stock market declined into bear-market territory and had its worst week since the crash in March 2020,

5 Min Read

Landmines Exploded Outside Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, No Issues so Far

Three landmines exploded on the morning of September 28, close to - but outside of - Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power

0 Min Read

Germany Agrees to Keep 2 Nuclear Reactors on “Stand by” For Winter

Germany reached an agreement to keep Neckarwestheim 2, and Isar 2 nuclear reactors on stand by, ready to jump into

1 Min Read

More Nuclear Life Extension Coming, This Time it Might be Canada

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is scheduled to announce its decision on keeping Pickering open until at least 2026 this

2 Min Read

Cameco Looking For 1.5B USD

Cameco has 25 months to sell shares, options, warrants, debt, and others as it pleases for the total amount of

1 Min Read

Kazatomprom Interview With Cory Kos, P. GEO

In this interview, I sat down with Cory Kos, P.Geo and investor relations advisor for Kazatomprom, the world's largest uranium

3 Min Read

Time to Sell Uranium, says Asset Manager

During an interview with Mining Stock Education, fund manager Warren Irwin said that, as a uranium investor since 2016, he's

1 Min Read

Uranium is in a Buble, says Journalist | Resource Heads Ep. 33

A Toronto Star journalist called uranium a "bubble", and I gave my opinion as to why I think he's wrong.

4 Min Read

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