Cameco to Get $300M in Tax Refunds

This is for the 2007 through 2013 tax years. They'll be getting $89 million in cash and $211 million in

Peninsula Delays Uranium Production

Peninsula Energy should already have been producing uranium, but they said this week that production is likely to start in

Kazatomprom Doubles its Profit

2022 profit was $981M. Market cap is roughly $7B. Production down 4%. Sales down 1%. Inventory up 6%. Average realized

Westinghouse Steals Another Customer from Russia

In an effort to diminish the country's dependence on Russia, The Czech Republic’s state-controlled power company signed a deal with Westinghouse to supply nuclear fuel for the Dukovany nuclear plant. Deliveries are expected to start as early as next year.

Canada Makes the Right Decision?

Nuclear in Canada is now eligible for the clean energy investment tax credit, and other tax incentives. The newly-introduced 15% refundable "Investment Tax Credit for Clean Electricity" (different than the previously-introduced tax credit for "Clean Technology Manufacturing") can now be

US, Canada, Poland Sign an Interesting Agreement on SMRs

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Tennessee Valley Authority, Ontario Power Generation and Synthos Green Energy recently signed an agreement that allows them to collaborate on advancing the GEH BWRX-300 small modular reactor, as a group. Each one of the companies has

Energy Fuels Closes Deal on Rare Earths Project in Brazil

EFR has closed its previously-announced acquisition of 17 mineral concessions between the towns of Prado and Caravelas in the State

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Uranium Stocks Crash on Good News | Resource Heads Ep. 52

Uranium stocks crashing on good news, oil running on bad news, coal giving back the gains it made over the

1 Min Read

Important Week for Uranium | Resource Heads Ep. 51

I had one of my front teeth, and my dental bridge (covering the three front teeth) removed this Friday, so

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Are Uranium Fuel Buyers Panicking? | Resource Heads Ep. 50

In this episode of Resource Heads, Tom Luongo explained why he thinks the FED will hike interest rates much higher,

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Rick Rule Made a Mistake | Resource Heads Ep. 48

This week, I was joined by Rick Rule to talk about CPI, The World Bank's revision of GDP growth forecast,

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Uranium Stocks Lost Me a Lot of Money: My Mistakes | Resource Heads Ep. 47

This is a very long rant on what mistakes I made in 2022, and how I will try to correct

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Fusion, Thorium, SMRs: The Future or the End for Uranium Investors?

In this conversation, I asked Malcolm Rawligson, a nuclear veteran with over 50 years of experience working in the nuclear

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Uranium vs. Copper: Lobo Tiggre talks | Resource Heads Ep. 46 with Lobo Tiggre

Copper supply chains went through a rough week, with Cobre Panama, a very large copper mine in Panama, being ordered

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Uranium & oil reality check | Resource Heads Ep. 45

Oil is underperforming uranium on a YoY basis. Did someone - anyone?! - even think uranium could outperform anything? Well,

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Russian Oil Sanctions are Working … for Old Oil Tanker Prices

As Western tanker companies are not allowed to carry Russian oil, Dubai millionaires and billionaires are buying up old Aframax

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