Gold Mining & Geology 101

This course goes over general mining terminology, and explains in-depth how gold mining happens. I think it's an essential watch, since it can help you better understand what the technical reports are actually trying to tell you, and what the world you're investing in actually looks like.Episode 1: General Mining

glossary of mining terms

I recently found this glossary of mining terms, and decided to learn the meaning and use of at least one mining term, each week.I will be publishing those terms, with an explanation of how I understand them, on this link. On top of that, during the weekly "What's Cheap?" show,

How to Analyse a Cash Flow Statement

How does one know if a company is really making enough money to pay its obligations, its dividends, and invest into a brighter future? By analysing the cash flow statement.This is the most important financial statement of the three.How does one analyse a cash flow statement? Well, you start by

How to Analyse an Income Statement

How does one know if a company is making good money, that can grow and help the company increase its profits for a long period of time? By analysing the income statement of said company. How does one analyse an income statement? Well, you start by understanding what an income

How to Analyse a Balance Sheet

How does one know if a company has healthy financials, and is in a position to survive in the rough financial world? By analysing its balance sheet.How does one analyse a balance sheet? Well, you start by understanding what a balance sheet is, and how to read it first, and

Investing During Hard Times

This course is made by a must-follow, former ABC and CNN correspondent, Greg Hunter, referred to "The Money GPS", whose channel wants to teach you "How to survive this historical financial calamity for dummies." The Money GPS is a news aggregation source. It compiles data from government documents, white papers,

Value Investing Advanced

This is a playlist of lectures on how value investing really works, by Bruce Greenwald. Bruce Corman Norbert Greenwald, is a professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business and an advisor at First Eagle Investment Management. Those are not the most exciting or entertaining lectures, but if you have

Human Behaviour 101

Believe it or not, human behaviour is pretty much everything you need to understand to become a successful investor.This is a free collection of lectures published by Stanford University that starts at the basics of human behavioural biology, and then goes in-depth on human behaviour.Some of the lectures are about

Advanced Wisdom

This is a free YouTube playlist of videos, to which I will continually add new videos that I find to have brought value to my learning journey. This is not the page that you want to start with. This is the page you come to check with every now and

Royalty Stocks Basics

Royalty companies have the best business model in the commodity sector that I know of. They have higher margins and lower risk than miners, explorers and developers alike. This playlist will not only help you understand what royalty companies do, and how gold & silver royalties work, but it will

Mining Stocks Basics

If you’re a beginner and you want to start making sense of commodity investing, and specifically mining & exploration companies, this might be very helpful. This playlist starts with 3 very short and to the point videos about investing in mining stocks, which I consider important mining stocks basics. After

Ore Deposits 101

The course is meant to help non-technical and non-geologist people make sense of the projects of natural resource exploration and development companies.

Stock Market Basics

This course is meant to teach people about “value investing” - Warren Buffett’s style of investing. However, this is the very first course I completed when I was looking to learn the basics and it was helpful, even though I didn’t aspire to become a value investor.

Valuation Basics

This course aims to teach you how to value stocks for free. The course is taught by Aswath Damodaran, who is a Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he teaches corporate finance and equity valuation. It's simply available on YouTube and it

How to Analyse Drill Results

This is a playlist of videos from different creators that I’ve put together, and will keep on adding to, as I find it very important to understand what the company is communicating to you, both directly and indirectly.

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