Uranium vs. Copper: Lobo Tiggre talks | Resource Heads Ep. 46 with Lobo Tiggre

Copper supply chains went through a rough week, with Cobre Panama, a very large copper mine in Panama, being ordered

4 Min Read

Time to Buy or Sell Uranium, Silver, Copper Stocks? | Resource Heads Ep. 44

In this episode of "Resource Heads", I tried to figure out whether it's time to buy or sell stocks. More

4 Min Read

When & Why Uranium Stocks Will Move | Resource Heads Ep. 43

This is an unusual episode of Resource Talks, because it's just me talking while on a screen share, without any

4 Min Read

American Eagle Gold Corp CEO Interview With Anthony Moreau

American Eagle started off with a close-ology asset in Nevada, in which they drilled 1 hole before realizing it wouldn't

6 Min Read

Copper Mountain Reports BIG Q3 Loss

Due to higher costs for the mine’s water management systems, the AISC came in at $4.50/lbs. Same period in 2021

0 Min Read

Copper Down Nearly 2% as Chinese Currency Keeps Falling

The Yuan fell to its lowest level since 2008, as worries about the Chinese economy are growing and the outlook

0 Min Read

Is the Future of Uranium in Danger? | Resource Heads Ep. 28

Inflation - at least as measured by the CPI - seems to be slowing down, and the Consumer Confidence Index

6 Min Read

Uranium Boom Coming Soon, Says Cameco | Resource Heads Ep. 26

In the face of the FED raising interest rates by 75 basis points and dropping forward guidance, the US entering

16 Min Read

Buy Uranium Stocks or a House? | Resource Heads Ep. 25

As the European Central Bank surprised the market and raised interest rates for the first time in over a decade,

8 Min Read

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