Rick Rule Made a Mistake | Resource Heads Ep. 48

This week, I was joined by Rick Rule to talk about CPI, The World Bank's revision of GDP growth forecast,

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China’s reported gold reserves rise for first time since 2019

China's central bank said on Wednesday it had added 32 tonnes of gold worth around $1.8 billion to its reserves,

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American Eagle Gold Corp CEO Interview With Anthony Moreau

American Eagle started off with a close-ology asset in Nevada, in which they drilled 1 hole before realizing it wouldn't

6 Min Read

Snowline Gold CEO Interview With Scott Berdahl

This is an interview with Snowline Gold Corp CEO & founder Scott Berdahl. Snowline Gold Corp is a gold exploration

3 Min Read

Uranium Contracting Finally Takes Off | Resource Heads Ep. 40

The week started off quietly, until the FED came out with yet another jumbo - 0.75% - rate hike and

6 Min Read

Gold Suffers Worst Losing Streak Since 1869

Gold, measured in USD, closed October down nearly 2%, for the seventh consecutive month. This hasn't happened since 1869, according

0 Min Read

Largest Gold Miner’s Profits Down by 56%

The world's largest gold miner, Newmont, announced that its gold production rose to 1.49M oz from last year's 1.45M oz,

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Gold, Silver Inch Higher on Inflation News

Gold and silver opened Friday a little bit higher based on higher-than-expected PCE data out of the US, and higher-than-expected

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Nobody is Buying Gold & Silver Stocks, Sentiment Now Lower Than March 2020

The Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index ($BPGDM) currently shows a reading of 6.90 on the weekly chart. This is the

2 Min Read

Michael Burry Shocks Uranium Twitter | Resource Heads Ep. 30

Last week was a big week for uranium. Despite gold, silver and broad-market equities crashing at the end of the

5 Min Read

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