We Have a 194M oz Silver Shortage

As global demand for silver is expected to rise 16% in 2022, The Silver Institute predicts that we will have

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Silver Knocking on the Door of $20, Oil $90 Again

Monday morning brought an interesting start to the week with Brent crude futures surging to almost $90/barrel, as OPEC+ considers

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Gold, Silver Inch Higher on Inflation News

Gold and silver opened Friday a little bit higher based on higher-than-expected PCE data out of the US, and higher-than-expected

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Nobody is Buying Gold & Silver Stocks, Sentiment Now Lower Than March 2020

The Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index ($BPGDM) currently shows a reading of 6.90 on the weekly chart. This is the

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Michael Burry Shocks Uranium Twitter | Resource Heads Ep. 30

Last week was a big week for uranium. Despite gold, silver and broad-market equities crashing at the end of the

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Uranium Boom Coming Soon, Says Cameco | Resource Heads Ep. 26

In the face of the FED raising interest rates by 75 basis points and dropping forward guidance, the US entering

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Buy Uranium Stocks or a House? | Resource Heads Ep. 25

As the European Central Bank surprised the market and raised interest rates for the first time in over a decade,

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Western Alaska Minerals Stock Up 80%

Western Alaska is a paying customer of this website. This article is not intented to be used as unbiased research.

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When Will Uranium Decouple? | Resource Heads Ep. 24

Are we finally seeing some bullish news for uranium coming out of Japan? Uranium Insider says the news doesn't really

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Gold Stocks Keep Crashing – Time to Buy Gold Stocks?

Gold stocks, as measured by the GDX and GDXJ, have fallen respectively 33% and 37% from the recent highs, and

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